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Deadlift (Find a heavy 5 rep Deadlift)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Deadlift Ladder (Use 75-80% 5 rep weight)


As far as you can go unbroken


Part 1:

Find a Heavy 5 rep Deadlift

Part 2:

Deadlift Ladder


As far as you can go unbroken
Score total reps/rounds completed.

* If they complete up to 10 reps unbroken, that would make their score 55 reps. If they fail in the 11th round after 5 reps, those 5 reps do not count.

Workout Brief

Rxd: For Part 1, you can tap and go their heavy 5rep sets. This shouldn’t be an aggressive tap and BOUNCE, but a controlled lower that doesn’t involve having to reset the bar on the ground. They should be able to hit their heaviest set at around 5 sets of 5. You should be warm and ready to go heavy after a couple of sets.

For part 2, the load should feel light-moderate for the first 5 or so rounds. Once you hit double digits, it should be getting heavy. Use the percentage as a guideline, err on the heavier side rather than the lighter side of this percentage. We would rather people fail early on than to go 15+ rounds.

For the first few rounds, you probably won’t need to take much rest between their sets. Once it starts getting a little heavier, you will want to be smart about resting enough. Time isn’t a factor, but we have only allocated 10-15min to complete the workout so no one should be going over that. We imagine most people will start failing around 12-15 reps. Set that as the goal when figuring out what load to use. Some people will do much less than that, and that is ok. Grip might be a factor for some people, so you may have to switch your grip every few rounds if needed.

Fitness: Challenge the same way as the rest of the athletes today with safety as the most important component. Also, be a little bit more cautious with performing too much volume during part 2, especially if you are relatively new or just returned. We may cap you at 10 rounds (55 reps) for Part 2 if we feel like you are in danger of doing 15+ rounds.

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