Viking Nancy

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Viking Nancy (Time)

5 Rounds

15 OH Squats 135/95

Row 400m
20 Min Cap

Workout Brief

We love regular Nancy as a Workout. Although the focus is the overhead squat, we substitute rowing for running – thus the Viking part.

The first rep of the OH Squat Can be performed as a Squat Snatch.

Some athletes will be able to perform the OH Squats unbroken. However, most people will need to break them up each round. Make sure you are efficient with picking up of the Barbell again after dropping it each time. If you don’t think they can get the set done in 1 or 2 sets, then you should think about scaling the weight.

Fitness: Make the focus to get through 4-5 rounds in any way you can. It is a lot of rowing, and you need to figure out a good pace you can hold. If necessary, reduce the rounds to 200m Run.

The empty Barbell will probably be enough loading. If you have trouble with the OH Squat position for whatever reason, modify the movement to a Back Squat. If you are using more than the empty barbell, use a rack to get in and out of the Squat rather than taking it from the ground.

Extra Credit

Perform KB Groin Stretch up to 2min + Back Bridge for 1min or 5 x 10sec Hold with rest in between.

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