Vastus Lateralis – October Muscle of the Month

October Muscle of the Month:

Vastus lateralis
Time to get huge!! If Gandalf had developed his vastus lateralis muscles, he wouldn’t have needed his ring of power to defeat the Balrog in Moria. It would have jumped off the bridge in pure fright at the massive outer quad sweep that was Gandalf the Grey.
The vastus lateralis starts at the femur and extends down the lateral side (hmmm… lateralis) of the thigh and connects to the kneecap. It is the most prominent and powerful muscle in the quadriceps and is crucial to growing huge quads by making them look wider and rounder. A lot of what we do in Crossfit will target this muscle group, which is why you will hear me say in the gym that Crossfitters are generally quad-dominant.

The purpose of the vastus lateralis, like all of the quad muscles, is to extend the knee. Specific to the vastus lateralis is to extend the lower leg and to allow us to rise up from a squatting position. Therefore, to train the vastus lateralis we are again going to need to squat, this time focusing on a close stance with your toes pointed forward. Front squats and forward lunges are also good exercises to perform.