Vastus Intermedius – November Muscle of the Month

And so ends our journey. Smeagol lost out to Gollum but saved Middle Earth, Frodo was finally free of his burden, Sam got to go home, and we get to learn about the vastus intermedius – the last of the quadriceps muscles.

The vastus intermedius sits under the rectus femoris on the front of the thigh, and is the deepest, middle-most of the quadriceps muscles. It is the most difficult to stretch and is not accessible to massage/manipulation as it is protected by the rectus femoris above, and the vastus medialis and vastus lateralis to the sides.

The vastus intermedius is almost inseparable from the vastus medialis, and is connected closely to the vastus lateralis (much like how Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were insperable as the Second Fellowship of the Ring… but I digress). As such, it’s function is very similar to those muscles – to extend and straighten the knee, especially when climbing stairs and squatting. Any and all squatting motions will train the vastus intermedius.