The Force

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)




DB Step Ups (45/25lbs)

6 Lengths DB Farmers Carry




Step Ups

6 Lengths DB Farmers Carry

Workout Brief

Rxd: It should be a relatively quick Workout. Top Performers will go around 10min and the majority a little over that. Nothing should be too heavy that they will be limited by weight. Burpees should be done fast, Step Ups should be consistent and the Farmers Carry might feel a little hard after holding the Dumbbells for the Step Ups, but it’s only 6 lengths, so most people will be able to hang on for that period.

Fitness: We eliminated the load for the Step Ups. Use a 20” Box if possible. The load for the Farmers Carry should be heavy enough for them to notice it, but they should still be able to walk the full 200m without putting it down. We didn’t adjust the rep scheme, but you could always decrease the first round to 18 if you wanted.

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