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Metcon (Time)


Partner Workout — Relay style

5 x 200m Run each

5 x 20 KB Swings each

5 x 20 Hip Extensions

100 MB Situp Throws


Partner Workout — Relay style

5 x 200m Run each

5 x 15 KB Swings each

5 x 15 Hip Extensions

80 MB Situp Throws
Coaches use 4/29 plan

Workout Brief

Today is a straight forward ‘I go, you go’ workout. Each partner performs all 5 rounds of each movement before moving on to the next. They rest while their partner works.

Each person needs to perform the same amount of work. One person cannot do two rounds in a row for example.

We didn’t include any loading so that you can choose your own.

The MB throws are done with both partners lying on the ground, feet-to-feet (or linking ankles), and performing the Sit-ups one-for-one, throwing the ball to their partner at the top of the movement. They need to touch the ball on the ground behind their head at the bottom of the movement. The number of reps is the total they perform together. So, it would be 50/40 per person.

Everyone: The goal is to have fun with this one and to attack each effort with 100%. The work:rest ratio should allow you to recover enough between efforts so that you can hit each set with the same intensity as the one before. The reps are set low enough that you can always perform them unbroken. By the time you get to the Situps, you may be a little fatigued, but the built-in rest should allow you to continuously move through all 100/80 without stopping. Partners should keep communicating with each other, and if it looks like your buddy is going to pass out, then that is a cue to take a quick break. ?

The movement that will be the hardest to recover from will be the Running. This will most likely tax people the most. While we don’t want you to run slow or be conservative with these, make sure you don’t completely blow your energy stores on the first sprint because you are too excited. ? It will happen for sure!

Warm Down

Still in partners, help each other hold at least 5 x 30sec Back Bridges . Support from their thoracic to help them stay up. They can also hold your legs to support them more.

If people don’t need assistance, perform them on their own.

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