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Metcon (Time)


10 Rounds

200m Bike

4 Weighted Pullup (45/25lbs)

3 Pullup


8 Rounds

200m Bike

5 Ring Rows

5 Jumping Pullups

Workout Brief

Rxd: The biking will add up as you go, but because it is only 200m at a time, you should still be able to hold a good pace across the workout. The Running and Pullups don’t truly conflict with each other, apart from the cardiovascular component, so everyone should be able to come off the bike and get straight into Pullups. What will start to happen for some people is that the bike will not be enough time to recover from the Pullup set before, so you might need to start breaking up the Pullups a little more than you did in the beginning.

Scale pullups down as needed, to Strict Pullups, then, Strict Ring Rows. Try to avoid using bands today.

Top athletes will be able to perform each round in roughly 1.30min for the first half and then maybe end up at around 2min per round. You should be finished at around 15min or so. We’ll allow up to 20min for most people to get it done so you can challenge yourself on the Pullups.

Fitness: Make sure those Ring Rows are really hard in each round and that you don’t start creeping your feet up when you get fatigued. Draw a chalk line on the ground that your feet can’t go passed to make sure you stay on course!

Warm Down

Forearm/Upper Arm Mashing +/Or Wrist Stretches

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