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Metcon (Time)



Push press (115/75lbs)

Hang DB Snatch (alt) (50/35lbs)

25 Doube Unders (each round)



Push press

Hang DB Snatch (alt)

30 Single Unders

Workout Brief

A spicy little push/pull/monostructural workout today. Load for the push press is moderate and load for the snatch is light to moderate. We are looking for a time frame of 10min or below.

We have included some shoulder stability work in before the workout as part of the warmup.

For the hang DB snatch, it is done with one dumbbell and they need to alternate arms each rep. It is a power snatch. They perform the total amount of reps prescribed PER arm, which means they will be doing double the amount of reps per set.

Rxd: The load for both the push press and snatch should be manageable for top athletes to perform the sets unbroken for. We have capped it at 15min, but that is a little long for this workout volume, so ideally you won’t need to use all that time.

Fitness: Keep things light today and keep moving through the whole workout. Today, we would rather see you finish it really fast with ZERO rest, than going a little slower with more load.


Push press and hang DB snatch: Scale load as needed

Double unders: Scale to attempts (if they attempt a rep and fail, it still counts as a rep). Then, scale to 50 single unders per round.


Here is an oldie but goodie article on the dumbbell snatch for you to check out


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