September Committed Club

Here we have our Committed Club members (attended 15+ classes) for September!

Renee Hiller
Katie LaCosse
Rochelle Spencer
Hannah Soumis
Joanne Coponen
Moira Tracey
Sunit Girdhar
Julie Jalkanen
Sandi Mattson
Michelle Miller
Gerald Huffman
Amanda Hoffman
Gavin McBride
Kartik Iyer
Angela Price
Sharon Colbert
Nicole Heinonen
Dana Norman
Tanya Kangas
Kim Dunnebacke
Clint Johnson
Laura Konkel
This is the largest committed club so far this year! Great job everyone. Think we can top it before year end?
Our random drawing from those that hit committed club status resulted in 2 lucky gift card recipients – they are Kartik and Amanda. Congrats!
We also had two people get their 100th class in September. Way to go Becky Kopke and Ed Freysinger (not shown)!
Congratulations everyone!
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