Rack it up – I’ll take it

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Metcon (Time)


40 Front Rack Walking Lunges (95/65lbs)

15 Wall Climbs

Rest 3min

30 Front Rack Walking Lunges (115/75lbs)

30 Back Squats (115/75lbs)

Rest 3min

20 Front Rack Walking Lunges (135/95lbs)

40 Handstand Walking steps (20 total each hand)


40 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges

20 Get down/ups

Rest 3min

30 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges

30 Back Squats

Rest 3min

20 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges

40 Bear Crawl Steps (20 each hand)

Workout Brief

The template today is squatting, carrying and pressing. We also want to challenge some strength endurance aspects. Increasing the loading on the walking lunges will do just that as well as 30 reps of moderately loaded back squats. The combination of the inverted pressing movements and the walking lunges will compromise both movements, so these may take a little longer to get through than usual. We added the rest to give everyone the opportunity to perform the lunges in as big sets as possible.

Fitness: We have prescribed dumbbells for these athletes. This allows them to keep their elbows up a little more and keep an upright torso during those lunges. We would still like them to do back squats, so use an empty barbell for these. They should take the same amount of time to complete this version of the workout as the rest of the categories.


Front Rack Walking Lunges: You can either scale the first load and then add 10 or so lbs each round from there, or have them use the same load for each round.

Wall Climbs: First, scale the reps to 10, then scale the ROM to as far as they can climb up and down. Beyond that, scale the movement to 40 total get down/ups.

Back Squats: Use the same load they use for the front rack walking lunges. If people are unable to clean and jerk the weight up and over their back, you could modify to front squats instead. Ideally, they shouldn’t have any problem though.

Handstand Walking: Scale to 40 total cherry pickers or 10 total box around the worlds.

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