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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Power Snatch (5)

Fitness do 5-5-5 and record your best

Power Snatch (3 (rx only))

Power Snatch (max – rx only)

Extra Credit

1min Power Snatch

30sec Rest

5 Rounds


50 V-Ups — QUICK SCALE: Bend Knees as needed for V-Ups.

* Every time you break/pause, perform a 15sec Plank Hold.

* If you don’t break, perform a Max Plank Hold on completion of the V-Ups.

Workout Brief

All categories: Getting better at snatches today!

For those athletes who are proficient at the Power Snatch, use today to go for Max loads of 5-3-1. For others, use it as a day to push boundaries and go as heavy as you can within your technical limits. We kept the reps at 5 for Fitness so you can work time under tension a little more for the duration of the session.

Make sure you are catching as low as you possibly can while the loads are light so that when you go heavier, your body is primed to get under, rather than reverting to bad habits of catching high or in less than ideal positions. You should be able to add a bit of load after the set of 5 for their set of 3 reps.

Allow a lot of rest time between the sets. We suggest 4-5min. Keep as close together as possible so we don’t have half the class finishing really early and the other half not finishing on time.

The Extra Credit is intended to be pretty light for everyone. You have two options. In the first one you should be able to hold on to the Barbell for each minute rounds. Scale as needed. The second option is pretty straight forward.

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