Pistol Whip

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Metcon (Time)


30 Double Unders

3min Squat Hold

30 Pistols

60 Double Unders

2min Wall Squat Hold

20 Pistols

90 Double Unders

1min Squat Hold

10 Pistols


50 Single Unders

2min Squat Hold

30 Walking Lunges

80 Single Unders

1min Wall Squat Hold

20 Walking Lunges

100 Single Unders

45sec Squat Hold

10 Walking Lunges

Workout Brief

Today we are giving everyone’s shoulders and lower back a little break. People may still be sore from Chelsea on Tuesday so let’s make sure you get the blood flowing in the warmup and you do some mobility too. This one is a combo of monostructural and gymnastics. We threw in the holds to mix it up a little and create a different stimulus in the workout.

The squat holds are accumulative. You need to accumulate the given time in each round. If you come off the wall to rest, you need to take that off your total time of work, then when you go back in the hold you can start the clock again. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own timeline.

The squat hold = regular hold at the bottom of the squat

Wall squat hold = wall squat hold

Don’t rest your hands on your legs. Make sure you are meeting movement standards and full ROM.

The pistols are done alternating legs.

Scale Double Unders to attempts today. If people don’t have double unders, perform double the amount of singles. We want everyone using a rope for this workout.

For those who are at the start of their Pistol journey, it may take a little longer to get them done, but that is ok. If you are failing reps in the warmup, then you might want to scale the movement in the workout. Their first option for scaling today is a Pistol to a Box that is either at parallel or below (not higher). If you can’t perform that, then scale further to a Bulgarian Squat . Perform half the reps on one side and half the reps on the other side.

Warm Down

Choose 1-2 calf/ankle/lower leg stretches to perform.

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