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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 25min

Run 400m

10 GHD Situp

12 Pistols

20 DB Walking Lunge (50/35lbs)


AMRAP 25min

Run 400m

10 Situp

12 Bulgarian Lunge

20 DB Walking Lunge
*Proceed with caution on GHD Sit-ups. If you not done them before or recently ruduce reps to more than 20. See how your body responds after.

Workout Brief

Last Saturday of the month, which means time for a grind it out type of workout! We are laying off the upper body today after the last few workouts, so this one involves a bit of hinging and squatting. The only load is a moderate set of dumbbells, and these are held at the side in a farmer’s carry position.

If you are doing Murph on Monday (hopefully you are) you might want to sandbag it a little today and not go all out.

Be careful on GHD situps. If you are new to them or have not done them in a while cap them at 20 and see how you feel after. They are a movement than can cause damage and you need to be cautious.

Go hard on the Run!


Pistols: Scale to either a box pistol (find a box height that you can squat out of without too much challenge) or to a Bulgarian lunge.

GHD situps: Scale the ROM first to parallel or just below, then scale to a v-up.

DB walking lunges: Scale the load.

Fitness: Use abmats for the situps and for the Bulgarian lunges, perform 6 on each leg (not alternating). If you are concerned with the safety of them putting a leg on the bench, they can modify to split lunges instead. We wanted to isolate the single leg action as much as possible to mimic the pistol stimulus and to try to avoid doubling up on the walking lunge movement as much as possible. Use light dumbbells or none at all for the lunges.

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