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Power Clean (5)

Power Clean (3)

Power Clean (1)

Extra Credit

Accumulate 4min in a Ring Plank. Every time you break, perform 50m Bear Crawl.

* Scale to regular Plank.

Workout Brief

Power Clean day! You have probably figured out that today is similar to the Power Snatch and Back Squat days. Ideally, everyone attempts for a 5-3-1 Rep Max for the day. If they hit PR’s, awesome! If not, that’s ok too.

If you break it up, meaning you put the barbell down between each rep, make sure you don’t take longer than 3 seconds to pick it back up again. There should be no break between lifts. Whichever way you choose, make sure to record how you performed the Power Cleans so you have something to reference next time.

Take lots of rest between sets. 4min should be enough, full recovery. Don’t worry too much about percentages today, go off what you are feeling in your warmup sets. The set of 3 should be at least 10+ lbs heavier than the set of 5, and again for the 1 rep; this will vary for each athlete.

Fitness: We have kept the same rep scheme for these athletes today. Use it as a great opportunity to have see where you are at with Power Clean strength. Make sure technique is still the priority. Adjust the reps to 5-5-5 and shift the intended goal for anyone who you don’t think is quite ready to hit maxes yet.

We have included 10min for the extra credit if you feel like you deserve a little more punishment.

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