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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 30min

20 Single Arm DB OH Walking Lunge (55/35lbs)

400m bike

20 Burpee + Jump to High Target


AMRAP 30min

15 Single Arm DB Walking Lunge

400m bike

15 Burpee + Jump to High Target

Workout Brief

Already that time of the week again, the day before the Open Workout!! This one is a great pre-comp slow grind. People can go at whatever speed they like and just move through the rounds. Nothing is going to stop you in your tracks.

The Single Arm DB OH Walking Lunges are performed by holding the dumbbell overhead in one hand for 10 reps and then switching to the other hand for 10 reps.

We want the Burpee target to be set a little higher than usual. It is usually 6” above your reach. Today, make it more like 8-10”.

Rxd: The load is set to moderate for the Lunges. For people who have poor shoulder mobility/stability, this load will feel heavy and it may be hard for people to perform the movement in a good position. If this is the case, scale the load down to something you can maintain with good overhead position. The intention is to be able to perform at least 10 unbroken, switch hands and then repeat.

Because of the higher jumping standard, people’s turnover rates for the burpees will be a little slower than usual. That is the point.

The goal for most people should be over or around 5 rounds. No sets will be finished quickly, but athletes should aim to be consistent across the 30min and just move constantly.

Fitness: If you are unable to hold a DB overhead without compromising position, hold the DB either by your side (switch after 10 reps) or at your chest. Jump to a lower target, one you know you’ll be able to hit every time.

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