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Partner Cindy (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 20min

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

* 1 round each, at a time


AMRAP 20min

4 Jumping Pullups

8 Pushups

12 Squats

* 1 round each, at a time
Total rounds and reps in 20min.

* Make sure your have a counting method

** Coaches not session plan from 2/5

Workout Brief

Rxd: Since it is a work/rest style workout, make sure you push yourself when it is your turn. Find a scale that you can perform each movement unbroken for each round. The only movement that people might need to start breaking up is the Pushups. That is fine. As long as you don’t start doing them in sets of 1’s or 2’s, you can keep going with them. Otherwise, reduce the Pushup reps or modify the movement so that the intensity stays high.

Top performers will probably perform 35-40 rounds as partners. The majority of athletes should aim for around 20-30 rounds.

To scale the Pullups, either perform Ring Rows or Jumping Pullups. There is no time to mess around with Bands.

To scale the Pushups, elevate hands onto a Box or Bench while maintaining the exact same torso position as you would with the hands on the ground.

Fitness: We have prescribed less reps to keep the intensity high. Make sure you don’t over scale; this can sometimes be an issue for newer athletes, which results in completely missing the stimulus and not getting a great workout. As long as you are moving as fast as you relatively can, and the movements aren’t too easy, you should be good! Set a goal to reach ‘x’ rounds before 20min is up!

Warm Down

Spend 2min in Lying Over the Head DB Reach , then move straight into 2min of Foam Roller DB Reach .

Finish with 1min each side Under the Body Thoracic Shoulder Stretch .

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