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Metcon (Time)


60 Toes to Bar

Every time you drop, perform 10 Weighted Situps


50 Lying Toes to Bar

Every time you drop, perform 10 Situps

Deadlift (5-5-3-2-2 Emom 2min)


Every 2min Perform Deadlifts:

Rnd 1 – 5 reps @ 50-60%

Rnd 2 – 5 reps @ 60-70%

Rnd 3 – 3 reps @ 70-80%

Rnd 4 – 2 reps @ 80-90%

Rnd 5 – 2 reps @ 90+%


Disregard percentages

Workout Brief

There is a lot of Hip Flexion today. Part 1 is an opportunity to get some time under tension with the Deadlift. Rather than lifting heavy across all sets, we want your athletes to start light-moderate and work up to a heavy load. Use the percentages as a guideline and base it on how you are feeling in the warmup.

Rxd: For Part 1, the timing of each set (every 2min) will be enough to perform the lifts, switch out the weights and chit chat for a bit before going again. The loads shouldn’t be so heavy in those early rounds but will add up. Think of the sets as an excellent opportunity to feel good technique under a moderate load. You shouldn’t be going for a max at any point. The last set of 2 will be the only one that might be a little heavy and challenging.

For Part 2, Find a number that you can realistically hold across the whole workout. This should be well under your max amount. For some people, it might be sets of 10, for others, it might be sets of 5. First, scale the reps to 50, then think about adjusting how oftenyou perform the Situps. If you are down to sets of 1 within the first half of the Workout, then performing 15 Situps after each set will be too much. Pick a number that is more realistic; maybe, every 5 reps, perform the Situps.

Scale the Toes to Bar to either Leg Raises (make a standard) or Lying Toes to Bar.

The loading on the Situps isn’t heavy — 15 unbroken reps should be possible each time. A Dumbbell load of 25/15lbs should be enough. Anchor feet if you want.

Fitness: For Part 1 Still try to add load each set, just go on how you feel. Don’t worry about percentages.

For Part 2, the set is broken when your feet come to rest completely on the ground. The same guidelines as above apply with regards to the sets of unbroken reps vs. doing the Situp sets.

Extra Credit

Accumulate 3min in a Back Bridge.

* Scale as needed.

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