October New Member Spotlights

We have a couple new members we would like to introduce. If you see Tony or Mike at the gym, please welcome them! Here is a little bit about them, and what brought them to CrossFit Hakk!

Tony DuPont

Tony has lived most of his life in the UP, outside of about 6 years affiliated with the Navy where he spent time in Chicago, Norfolk, San Diego, Guam, and cruising around the ocean. He was an athlete in high school and he has been wanting to get back into shape. His interest in CrossFit started with his brother and his wife who joined a CrossFit gym in Green Bay. He was intrigued by the variety of their workouts, how multiple muscle groups are worked simultaneously, and how much they enjoyed it. Tony’s favorite movement in the intro was the Wall Ball, and he really liked learning about the deadlift and how the hinge is integrated into many of the movements we perform. He is most excited about joining the group classes, perfecting the movements in a structured environment, and having the scheduled times formulate more of a commitment to exercising!


Michael LaBeau

Mike was born in Petoskey, but now resides in Houghton. He heard about CrossFit from his friend Jay after he joined, and saw the results that Jay was obtaining from his training. Mike realized he needed motivation and accountability in his own workouts, decided he wasn’t doing enough by himself, and hopped into the Intro program! His favorite part of Intro was the idea of total body/core strength and how CrossFit approaches this task. Mike is excited to join the classes and they give an inclusive feel, because everyone is there by choice, and they want to do better for themselves, while motivating others. 

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