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Clean and Jerk (5-5)

Clean and Jerk (3-3)

Clean and Jerk (10-10)

Workout Brief

For the sets of 3-3-5-5: These do not need to be done touch-and-go. People can drop the weight after each rep and reset. But they shouldn’t take longer than 3-5sec to reset and go again. Otherwise, the set will not count. For the last set of 10, these DO need to be done touch and go. If they put the bar down, the set doesn’t count.

The Cleans need to be done with a full Squat. The Jerks can be either Push or Split.

People should leave feeling physically and neurologically tired ( feels like fatigue. Not sweaty workout tired, but like a heavy body feeling).

Everyone is lifting the same rep scheme today with the intention of going heavy, as long as their technique will allow it. Use the Prep part to get to your heavy starting weight for their first set of three. It should be like they are going for a 3 rep max on the first set. Then, try repeat it again. It is ok to fail, just take some weight off and try again. Same goes for the 5 rep sets. You will need to take the load down a bit, but it should still be a struggle for 5. Repeat.

The last set of 10 will be hard for most people to figure out what to use. You most likely haven’t gone for a 10 Rep Max before. We suggest using roughly around 70-75% of the 5 Rep you just lifted. This is a guideline, your coach can help with your decision. The Squat Clean is what will be the limiting factor for this.

Fitness: If you are proficient with the Power Clean, use that today so you can focus on getting under some load. Otherwise, you can do a Power Clean + Front Squat. This will be athlete dependent. Stick with the Push Jerk today. Also, you can break the set of 10 up as needed.

Extra Credit

50 V-Ups — QUICK SCALE: Bend Knees as needed for V-Ups.

* Every time you break/pause, perform a 15sec Plank Hold.

* If you don’t break, perform a Max Plank Hold on completion of the V-Ups.

Warm Down

Alternate — 1min Frog Stretch + 1min Under Thoracic Stretch (30sec each side) x 2 rounds.

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