New Member Spotlight – Welcome Caroline, Danielle and Emily!

New Member Spotlight: Caroline Penny

Caroline grew up in Toivola but now lives in Houghton. She decided to join CrossFit because after some research into it and other options, it made the most sense to her. She also set some fitness goals for herself and believes CrossFit is how she will be able to achieve them. Her favorite thing learned during the intro was all the modifications and scaling options that we offer to meet her where she’s currently at to set her up for success in her goals. Caroline is most excited about joining the group classes because she is looking forward to becoming more healthy and strong as well as being with others who want to do the same! Make sure to say hi the next time you see her in the gym!

New Member Spotlight: Danielle Harry

Originally from Atlantic Mine, Danielle recently moved to Houghton last summer. A friend encouraged her to check out CrossFit to get back into shape for summer, which is how she found her way to us! Her favorite part of the intro process was learning the proper form of all the exercises that she will be doing in group class. She is most excited to be working out in general, getting a good hard workout in and not having to spend hours in the gym, and of course meeting new people who encourage and root one another on!


New Member Spotlight: Emily Geiger-Dedo

Originally from Muskegon, MI, she moved to Houghton in 2007 and currently resides in Hancock. Her friend Sophia asked her to join the On-Ramp classes with her, and she said yes because she had always been curious about CrossFit. Her favorite part of CrossFit so far has been lifting weights, since working out on her own consists of mostly cardio. Additionally, trying the kettlebell swings was fun because she’d never used them before. Moving forward into group classes she is most excited to be a part of a great supportive community which will help make long term lifestyle changes easier through accountability.

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