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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


2min Row for metres

2min DB Shoulder to Overhead (45/25lbs)

2min Assault Bike for Calories

2min GHD Situps

2 Rounds


2min Row for metres

2min DB Shoulder to Overhead

2min Assault Bike for Calories

2min Situps

2 Rounds
Total Reps. Add all reps together for each round to make one total score. It will be a high number because of the Rowing for metres.

Warm Down

alternate between (two rounds each):

1. Draping themselves over a GHD, so their back is lying on the pads and they are holding onto the foot straps behind their heads. Their feet are on the ground. Great hip/shoulder opener. Hold for 30sec.

2. Wall Stretch — No weight. Hold for 30sec-1min.

Workout Brief

On the day before an Open Workout, we try to come up with a Workout, that A) doesn’t have the same/similar movements to the Open the next day and B) doesn’t make people too sore/fatigued. This is challenging and nearly impossible to nail down. Also, at the end of the day, it probably doesn’t matter if either of those happens because people who are serious about the Open will, most likely, take today completely off or perform a recovery workout instead.

Today’s workout definitely has the potential to make people sore if they do it Rxd and with a lot of intensity. We are sticking to it, though, as it made the most sense to us when we programmed. Make sure you read the disclaimer *this workout has the potential to make you ‘sore!’ So watch your intensity if you are doing the open tomorrow.

The goal is to accumulate reps, which means going as hard as each movement will allow you. For today, lean on your strengths. Which means that if you know you can accumulate more metres on the rower than you can doing Shoulder to Overheads, go hard for the Row and hang in there for the Shoulder to Overheads. The Shoulder to Overheads are set light to moderate. Light for about 15 or so reps, then they will start to feel a little heavier. Aim to hang on to the Dumbbells for at least the first minute before putting them down. Ideally, a short break is all you will need before picking them up and going again.

Aim to hold roughly the same amount of reps across both rounds. This is a good test in pacing. The first round will be a sort of experiment on what you can do. The second round will be about hanging in there. Some people will start too hard in the first round and have nothing left for the second round. You want to find a happy median where both rounds are equally as challenging and intense.

Scale the GHD Situps to partial ROM first, then Weighted Situps second.

Fitness: Use a DB weight that you can perform 10-15 reps with unbroken. The Situps are done without load.

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