Monthly Mindset – October 2020

Fitness is a Vehicle

What do I mean by this? I don’t mean that it is literally a car that will drive on the road. I’m going for a more metaphorical meaning. You know, deep, meaningful, profound… Ok, now I’m just blowing smoke. Where we are going with this today is, once you start to truly work on yourself, where will you go?

Fitness, in general, is incredibly broad. In Crossfit we try to be as unspecialized as possible and dabble in pretty much everything and anything, but despite that, we should have some end goal, or underlying motivation. The possibilities are endless, and entirely up to you, so what do you really want to do with your fitness? 

  • Competition – Some of us would like to compete, whether it be in Crossfit or in other sports (bodybuilding, weightlifting, collegiate or highschool level sports, etc.)
  • Recreation – Some of us just want to be able to enjoy life and do fun things. Hiking, water sports, recreational level sports
  • Life – Some of us just want to get healthy to be able to play with our kids/grandkids. Stay healthy, avoid sickness, and live longer.

Fitness can and will get us there! Crossfit’s fourth model is the Sickness – Wellness – Fitness continuum. In a nutshell, this model states that every marker of health that you can imagine can be placed on a scale from Sickness, to Wellness, to Fitness. Take blood pressure for example: 160/95 is an example of very high blood pressure (Sickness), 120/80 is an example of normal blood pressure (Wellness), and 105/60 is an example of great blood pressure (Fitness). By lowering our blood pressure to fitness levels, we are not only getting healthier, we are providing ourselves with a buffer against sickness. Imagine someone who had a 105/60 blood pressure was injured and had to take 6 months off of training. Before coming back to training they had their blood pressure tested and were now at a 120/80. Yes, their blood pressure increased, but because it was low to start, they did not regress to sickness levels. This is the buffer that I referred to. And while this example is just one marker and entirely hypothetical, we can apply this continuum to our own personal lives with a variety of markers. We want to get as many markers as close to the fitness level as possible to increase our happiness and longevity. 

So where do you want to go with your fitness? Take some time this month to think about that and write down what you would like to accomplish. Once you know what you want to do, talk with the coaches to get their input and advice on how to structure your fitness to work towards your goals.

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