Monthly Mindset – March 2020

Make Weaknesses your Strengths

This month, we are going to build off of last month’s mindset, and we are going to challenge you to work on your weaknesses. Hopefully in February you avoided cherry picking and as a result, you might have learned something about aspects of your fitness you need to improve on. I guarantee that whether it be one or more of the 10 General Physical Skills (cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy), a certain length of a workout (long, medium, short), a certain loading (heavy or light), or the complexity of movements (high skill or simple), there is something within the realm of Crossfit that needs improvement.

Let’s take the time this month to really work on those weaknesses. How do we do that? First step is to show up! Cherry pick the right way, if you will. If you recall from last month’s mindset, there are several types of people at the gym, and this month, try to be the person that shows up as often as possible, regardless of the workout. Or, at least actively show up for workouts that you struggle with to get better at those specific movements, loadings, and/or time frames.

The second step will be to incorporate some previous monthly mindsets, namely, dedication, virtuosity, and hard work (see how all of these mindset’s kinda combine and build off of each other?). If you need to, go back and review those posts. By practicing these qualities we can realize great improvement in the areas that we struggle in.

The third step is to practice, practice, and practice some more. Most weaknesses cannot be corrected in the span of a month. Many will take months to a year to become a strength, and depending on the weakness, maybe even longer. But if we start now, and just keep practicing, you will see improvement. Spend a little time before or after class, or at home, or in your yard, or wherever you can and I promise you it will help!

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