Monthly Mindset – December 2019

Find the time.

This post follows up with November’s mindset. A significant part of dedication is setting aside the time to make it to the gym. There are 24 hours every day and it is up to us to decide how to use them. It should not be hard to make it to the gym every day, as it is only an hour, but finding the time to workout is difficult for some people due to family, work, and leisure. We need to set priorities for ourselves and make the gym important, because we know that it is a healthy habit that will make our quality of life better.

At my first job, they were very supportive of flexible work hours for family or personal reasons. If I wanted to leave work at 3pm each day to go to the gym, that was fine – as long as I got my hours in and got my work done, and as long as my clients knew my schedule. I had to train my clients to not expect to get in touch with me after 3pm. I was told, “inform them of your schedule and stick to it.” Because as soon as I answered my phone at 3:15, they’d be calling at 3:30, then 4:00, and there goes my flexible schedule. I made it very clear to everyone that after 3pm, I was done for the day. And you know what? The world didn’t end. Work was still completed on time and everyone was happy, especially me. And a happy employee is a productive employee.

Another valuable tool for finding the time is learning to manage your time. At my second job, they always had a puzzle in the break room for people to work on. I was amazed at how long people stayed there and worked on the puzzle. And at a job that relied on billable client hours! These same people complained about working long hours, yet they were spending upwards of two hours a day working on a puzzle. Imagine how much more you could do in your day with an extra two hours.

Your mindset this month is to manage your time so that you can do the things you really want to do, like go to the gym. Get up an extra hour earlier, food prep on Sunday, eat at your desk, and cut out idle/meaningless time wasting tasks from your day. You will be surprised at how much extra time you have to do the things that are really important. Especially with the holiday festivities later this month, I’m sure we could all use some extra time.