Bullet Proof Shoulders Post-Test #1

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Metcon (Time)


3 Rounds

10 Weighted Lateral Step Ups (55/25lbs) – 1DB

4 Length Crab Walk

10 Weighted Lateral Step Ups

4 Length Bear Crawl


3 Rounds

10 Lateral Step Ups

4 Length Crab Walk

10 Lateral Step Ups

4 Length Bear Crawl

Bulletproof Shoulders

Bulletproof Shoulders Re-Testing Session #1

Perform Upper Body Movement Screen (repeat for comparison and any improvement)


Supinated Grip Pullups (One Set To Failure)

* These should be done Strict

* Scale to Regular Strict Pullups, or a hard version of Inverted Bar Row. (repeat the same movement they did when they tested)

DB Press (Establish your 10 rep Max in 3 sets or less.)

* Keep the same pace on the way up as you do on the down

1 Arm Overhead Carry (Establish a Max weight for 5 laps)

* Ideally 1-2 sets to avoid too much fatigue. Perform 5 Laps individually with both arms for a total of 200m. Rest between each arm.

Workout Brief

Today and tomorrow we will be repeating the Bulletproof Shoulders tests. We hope everyone sees some improvement, whether it be in strength, mobility or skill acquisition.

For the Weighted Lateral Step Ups: Use 1DB held at your side. Hold the weight in the opposite side you are stepping up with. You should perform 10 Step Ups on one leg in the first set, then 10 on the other leg in the second set. You’ll need to step all the way up on to the box, and all the way off each rep with both feet. This will be a new movement for a lot of athletes.

Crab Walking and Bear Crawling may seem like silly movements to add into Workouts until you have actually performed them in a Workout. They pack quite the punch and put people into positions they don’t particularly feel comfortable in. They aren’t as sexy as a Pullup, but they are just as effective.

For everyone, make the goal to perform all the movements well. These movements are easy to cut corners with, so make sure you step all the way onto the box each rep and stand all the way up on the Step Ups, and keep your hips high on the Crab Walks. Create a standard for your Bear Crawl, whether it be legs straight, or any way, we will leave it up to you.

The DB load is light – moderate. The awkwardness of the movement is what will limit people, not the weight. Scale appropriately.

It’s a relatively quick Workout. Aim for 6-10min to complete the Workout.

Fitness: We have omitted the load for the Step Ups. You should be able to perform everything else ok. If people have trouble with their wrists in the Crab Walk, you can double up on the Bear Crawl, or do Walking Lunges instead.

Extra Credit

With any time remaining (the re-testing may take a little longer), have them perform Under the Body Thoracic Stretch and Flexi Swimmer Stretch (1min each).



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