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Front Rack Lunge (Find your heaviest 6rep (3 each side)

Backwards Step Lunge

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


6 Front Rack Backwards Step Lunge (@55% of Part 1)

4 Front Squat

AMRAP 2min

Rest 1min

3 Rounds


3 Rounds

6 DB Front Rack Backwards Step Lunge

4 DB Front Squat

AMRAP 2min

Rest 1min
Score Total Rounds and Reps (add up all the rounds and reps for all 3 rounds)

Workout Brief

The legs may be a little sore today for those who did yesterday’s Workout. So, we are using the majority of the Warmup to focus on Dynamic Mobility and some Static Mobility work to help get some blood flow back in those sticky bits!

Take the Barbell from a rack. We like the Front Rack Lunge because it forces the body to be in an upright position with the midline working extra hard to maintain this. People usually fail (drop the load) before they start getting into dangerous positions. Often, they are limited by their unilateral (leg) and midline strength. It is a great lower body strength separator!

Rxd: Go as heavy as possible with the Lunges while maintaining a good position. Focus more on form and less on how much weight you can lift. Most likely, you will fail before this becomes an issue. As mentioned above, the Front Rack Lunge is unforgiving when it comes to stability.

For Part 2, use the percentages as a rough guideline. If you went as heavy as you could go in Part 1, the load for Part 2 should be something you can do all 6 Lunges and 4 Squats unbroken with each round. You should aim for a minimum of 4 rounds per 2min AMRAP. Some people will be able to do much more. These people will most likely be able to do more than just 1 round unbroken each time with a short break between sets. Being consistent across the 3 rounds.

Fitness: We have prescribed Dumbbells, not because they are easier, but because they require a little more stability from the athlete in order to perform both movements. You can also keep your elbows a little higher, which helps the torso position stay more upright too. For Part 1, challenge the load and for Part 2, make it light enough so that you can keep moving for the full 2min each round.

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