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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


3 Rounds

Every 10min perform:

4 Muscle Ups

8 Deficit Handstand Pushups

12 Hang Power Snatch (95/65lbs)

Row 800m


3 Rounds

Every 10min perform

5 Box Transitional Muscle Ups

10 Pike Pushups

10 Hang Power Snatch

Row 800m
To complete the Workout as written is the score, but we usually have you add up total reps and use that as the score. So for this Workout, it would be 24 reps per round (Rxd) x 3 = 72 reps (not including the run). If people modify the rep scheme, they will put their new total number as their score.

Workout Brief

We know that bar muscle-ups were just in 17.2 on Saturday.

We want to use today as an opportunity for people to get some skills practise in while they are relatively fresh. That’s why we put the Muscle Ups and HSPU at the start of each round and then end each round with the light Snatches and Row, then Rest. You should be recovered enough after each round to hit it again the next round. Also, low reps for the Muscle Ups and HSPU’s mean that a few more people can give Rxd a try.

For the Parallette HSPU’s, use an abmat under the head. Yes you can Kip. For the Deficit, use a 45lb plate under both hands with your head touching the ground.

Rxd: Each round is intended to be done as fast as possible. Attack it like that. Each round should take between 6-7min, leaving around 3min to recover. The faster you go, the more rest you will get.

A lot of athletes won’t be able to do the Muscle Ups and HSPU’s unbroken. That is ok. You will get less rest, OR you can reduce reps (by a few) to make it more manageable. Adjust as you see fit. If you are doing 1 rep at a time, this might be too time-consuming and you might want to scale the movement.

Scale the Muscle Ups to Bands or Transitional Muscle Ups, and the HSPU’s to either a regular Kipping HSPU or a heavy DB or BB Press.

The Snatches should be done unbroken each round, or with 2 sets at the most. Scale as needed.

Row hard. This means finding a strong pace and holding across 800m, instead of starting at a sprint and then fading fast! A great motivator is that you get to rest right after!

Fitness: They should be within the same timeframe as everyone else. The volume on the Muscle Ups and Pike Pushups should be set so that you can get through those quickly. If you are struggling, modify the reps. If you want to modify the Row to 600m, do that. Make sure you row as hard as you can. The empty Barbell will be plenty enough weight for the Snatches.

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