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Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)


Complex (1 rep = the following:)

1 Hang Cluster

1 Thruster


* So for the set of 9, it would be 18 total reps.


Complex (1 rep = the following:)

1 Front Squat

1 Thruster


* So for the set of 9, it would be 18 total reps.
Score load for each set (9-6-3-1)

* It is not done for time.

Warm Down

Perform 10-20 reps on each side of lying internal/external shoulder rotation stretch

Workout Brief

Is it March already!!!? We hope everyone is enjoying the ‘Open Season’ so far. As it’s the 1st of the month, and we’re getting deeper into the Open, we want to include a friendly reminder to pay attention and make sure you are recovering optimally!

1 Rep = 1 Hang Cluster (Squat Clean into Thruster) + 1 Thruster.

This is intended to be a Strength style Workout, which means today is a great opportunity to practise some barbell cycling in those bigger sets. There is built-in rest between each set, and for each set to count, you need to perform all reps unbroken. So, for the set of 9, it would be 18 total reps, and for the set of 6, it would be 12 total reps and so on.

Rxd: The intention is to lift as heavy as possible for each set. This is tricky because most people might not have done something like this before, so they won’t have a lot to gauge themselves on. Remember, you are not allowed to drop the load during each set, so if you do, you will need to repeat it with the same load, or a little less.

Perform a set every 4min. This should give at least 2.30-3min recovery time.

Fitness: Let’s work on your Squatting mechanics instead of putting you through a ballistic Oly movement today. The reps are pretty high on the first few sets, and instead of adjusting the numbers, we wanted to change the movement to something more simple. If you are happy with how you are moving and you think you will be fine with the Cluster, then that is cool. Ideally, you should push the envelope a little on the load, as much as your technique will allow. Most people will get stopped by the sheer volume each set requires, and won’t be able to go too heavy.

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