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Metcon (Time)


4 Power Clean and Jerk (heavy)

8 Strict Pullup

4 Rounds

* Every 2min perform 50 Double Unders


4 Power Clean and Jerk (moderate)

8 Strict Ring Rows

4 Rounds

* Every 2min perform 40 Fast Feet
We have left the loading open-ended so that you can make that decision today.

*Coaches use 3/11 plan

Workout Brief

Rxd: We want the Clean and Jerks to be so heavy that you can only do 1 at a time. Some people might be able to cycle a couple, but those are usually strong, top competitors. Most athletes will need to perform 1 rep at a time. Roughly, this should be around 70-80% +/- of their 1RM. Some people are better at lifting their submaximal loads than others, so use their Warmup as an indicator of what you are capable of.

The Strict Pullups will most likely need to be broken up in the first set for most people. As a rule of thumb, if you are only able to do 1 at a time, but cycle through them quickly, that is fine. If you are at risk of failing any of those reps, then think about scaling the movement. Scale to a band today (still strict), or scale to a really hard Inverted Ring Row. We want people to be pulling most of their Body Weight in a strict way rather than doing Kipping Pullups today.

Scale the Double Under reps if needed. Ideally, an unbroken set of 50/60 would be good. Or, at the most, 3 breaks during the set. Any more and athletes will take too long to get through them (and a lot longer to get through the Workout).

We would like top athletes to take around 5-8min, with the majority taking around 10+/-min.

Fitness: Use a moderate load for the Clean and Jerks. Something that you can maintain technique across all four lifts. If the loading isn’t giving you the desired stimulus, then instead of increasing the load, increase the reps to 8 per round. Challenge yourself with the Ring Rows. 8 should be hard to get through each round.

Extra Credit

Row for 15min at an easy, conversational pace while practicing your technique.

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