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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Calories)


Min 1: 40 Air Squats

Min 2: 15 Burpee

Min 3: Max Cals Assault Bike

Min 4: Rest

4 Rounds


Min 1: 20 Air Squats

Min 2: 10 Burpee

Min 3: Max Cals Assault Bike

Min 4: Rest

4 Rounds
Max calories on assault bike

* Add all 4 rounds to make one score

Workout Brief

Today is about moving fast and breathing hard. The volume is pretty high for a relatively short space of time. The numbers for all the categories might even be too high for some people. That is the point, we want them to be kind of ridiculous, but people try them anyway! Everyone will surprise themselves. We included the minute rest because those numbers might not be able to be achieved without it. The rest will give people time to catch their breath and get ready to go again. The third round will be the most challenging since they know they have one more round after that!

The max calories on the assault bike are going to feel very spicy, which is why we put it right before their rest period, so at least they have that to look forward to. ?

The numbers will be pretty aggressive for some people. If you start to fail, you can adjust the numbers. So, for today, rather than scaling from the start, everyone aim for something a little out of their reach and only adjust if they start failing. People will surprise themselves. It won’t feel too great, but we think a lot of people will end up hitting the numbers.

There is no pacing, if done at high intensity, there may be a few seconds rest at the end of each movement to take a quick breath before going again. The transition onto the assault bike will need to be done quickly so they can accumulate as many calories as possible.

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