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Metcon (Time)


10 Lateral step up and over (35/25lb) (24/20″)

10 toes to bar

1 round

8 Lateral step up and over

8 toes to bar

2 rounds

6 Lateral step up and over

6 toes to bar

3 rounds

4 Lateral step up and over (50/35lb) (30/24″)

4 toes to bar

4 rounds


10 step up and over

10 lying wall toes to bar

1 round

8 step up and over

8 lying wall toes to bar

2 rounds

6 step up and over

6 lying wall toes to bar

3 roundsaq


Here is a great video on some simple tips on how to make the kip more efficient


Workout Brief

We don’t do a lot of lateral movement in CrossFit, so, occasionally we like to program something that is going to challenge this plane of movement. We wanted to keep the load light given yesterday was a relatively heavy front squat, and the reps and rounds low to keep people moving through at a consistent fast pace.

There is no rest between the change of reps/rounds. There is a lot to remember, follow the whiteboard.

The lateral step ups are done with the body facing sideways to the box and stepping up one foot at a time, then, stepping across and down the other side, also in a lateral fashion. This is one rep. Make sure they open their hips at the top of the box.

WOD Goal

Rxd: The goal time today should be around 10-15min. The limiting factor today will be the time those step ups take. Given the movement , it is the nature of the movement to not really be able to be done quick.

Both the step ups and toes to bar should be able to be done unbroken for top athletes. For those who are on the cusp of being able to string toes to bars together, you might be doing them in sets of 1 or 2. That is ok, the volume is pretty low so this is a good opportunity to try doing them all. Make sure you aren’t resting too much between reps, the intensity should remain high.

Fitness: We have modified the lateral step ups to regular step ups. Use a low box or some stacked plates to reach the desired height for the step ups.

We have added a new modification for the toes to bar for these athletes today. We like it because it requires a little less midline activation than the lying toes to bar. The legs are fixed rather than the upper body being fixed.

Make sure you touch your toes or as high as you can reach each rep. If hamstring flexibility is an issue, have bring your butt away from the wall a little.


Lateral step up and over: Scale load first, then scale height of the box. If the lateral aspect of the movement is too difficult for some people and you don’t feel safe, modify it to forward facing stepping up and over. This is the last option, after load and height of box have been decreased.

Toes to bar: Either scale to this banded toes to bar version = https://www.instagram.com/p/BNsKeqijThq/?hl=en

Or if logistically that won’t work, scale to a lying toes to bar https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=52&v=FuSpWa85MM8

Warm Down

Alternate for 30sec-1min on each stretch:

Quad stretch + Supine pigeon stretch

1-2 Rounds



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