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Back Squat (2-2-2-2-2-2-2)

Workout Brief

Today is a Back Squat day. We are going to prep using some Pause Squats and allow a decent amount of time to warm up to your starting weight.

We’ve included extra credit – but to do it you’ll probably have to stay after class. We want the focus to be on squats for the class time.

We used 7 x 2 as the rep scheme today to challenge people to work as close to their 1RM as possible for doubles. This will vary between athletes.

The goal is to hold the same weight across all 7 sets and to take minimal rest. This would ideally be between 90-95% of your 1RM. Use that percentage as a rough guideline for more experienced athletes.

We suggest no more than 2-3min rest between sets. The aim is for you to hold the same load you start with under a bit of fatigue, which will be a challenge for a lot of people. Yes – this is something that prepares for the open.

We suggest you perform one set every 3min. This way you can have ensure people aren’t resting too little or too much between sets.

Fitness: We have kept the rep scheme the same for fitness athletess today. Unless you have movement issues or are very new, we’d like you to challenge yourself. In that case, make the rep scheme 7 x 6 so you can focus on technique while under a moderate load rather than a really heavy load. Also, rather than using the same load across the sets, increase a little each round.

Extra Credit

Min 1: 20 Jumping Lunges — QUICK SCALE: Stepping Lunges

Min 2: Side Plank (right)

Min 3: 30 Jumping Lunges

Min 4: Side Plank (left)

Min 5: Max Jumping Lunges

* Scale numbers as needed.

Warm Down

Alternate Between:

Quad Pose Stretch and Porno Stretch

*Hold 1min on each for 2 rounds. Rest a little in between.

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