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Jordy Nelson (AMRAP – Reps)


Tabata Assault Bike

Tabata Power Clean (95/65lbs)

Tabata Assault Bike

Tabata SDHP (95/65lbs)


Tabata Assault Bike

Tabata Power Clean

Tabata Assault Bike

Tabata SDHP
The total score is total reps for everything. Add Cals + Reps + Cals + Reps to get total score.

BUT, for every Calorie you score less on in your second round of Assault Bike, take that amount off of your first round of Assault Bike total Calorie score. So, if I got a total of 200 Calories in my first round of Assault Bike Tabata and 180 Calories in my second round, my new score for my first round would be 180 as well.

Nothing happens if you get more reps on the second round. ? you just get more points.

1 Arm Overhead Carry (3 x 3 gym lengths)
3 x 3 gym lengths each arm @ 100% of max

Rest 1minute between arms

Workout Brief

The Assault Bike has the potential to really destroy everyone in this Workout! During the Warmup, when you have 1min of Assault Bike, if you are not aware of how many Calories you can accumulate in a 20sec period, make note of it there. Depending on how hard you were going (guessing not THAT hard, since it is the Warmup), you are going to want to try hold this for their Tabata rounds. If you go out with an all out sprint, you will really suffer for the rest of the Workout. The amount of Calories people can hold varies so much across the board so we won’t mention anything about what you should be aiming for. It is more about effort with the Assault Bike. To keep it spinning well, you need to put in a good amount of effort, otherwise it feels like you are pushing against mud!

The Cleans and SDHP’s are intended to be light. Most people should be able to hold on to their Barbell for the full 20sec every interval. If you do put it down, it isn’t because of the load — it’s because you can’t get enough air into your lungs! Aim for around 7+ reps per 20sec for both movements. Scale as needed.

Fitness: Use an empty Barbell for the Barbell movements. This should be light enough for you to move consistently through each interval. What is great about Tabata is that the athlete dictates how much work they do, so if you start fatiguing, you just do less work. It is a built in intensity modifier.

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