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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 12min

1 Strict Pullup

1 Strict HSPU

Add 1 rep each round


AMRAP 12min

1 Inverted Bar Pullup

1 Pike Pushup

Add 1 rep each round
* All reps count, even if they don’t complete a round.

* So, if they complete ALL rounds of 5 + 6 pullups (5 pullups + 5 HSPU + 6 pullups), their score would be 5 rounds + 6 reps.

Workout Brief

For the majority of people, today is not about getting really sweaty and breathing hard, as most will slow down long before that happens due to their lack of muscular endurance. That said, there will be some athletes who can keep moving consistently for 12min, and they will be pushed by both muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

The focus of the workout is to improve strength endurance in both these gymnastics movements, which is why we want to dedicate the whole workout to strict upper body gymnastics. The legs have received a pretty good dosing over the last few weeks. We like using ladders for these skilled movements because it gives people who are on the cusp of doing them a good low volume starting point while they are fresh.

The workout starts with 1 rep of each movement, and then you add 1 rep for each movement for the next round. For example:

Rnd 1 = 1 Pullup + 1 HSPU

Rnd 2 = 2 Pullup + 2 HSPU

Rnd 3 = 3 Pullup + 3 HSPU and so on until 12min ends.




Strict pullup: Use a light-med band, perform jumping to slow negatives, OR perform a really challenging strict inverted bar pullup.

HSPU: Box pike pushups or pike pushups.

Warm Down

Spend 5min on the assault bike or rower cooling and loosening out the arms with some light resistance, then if time permits, repeat 1 or 2 of the partner mobility drills from the warmup.

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