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Metcon (Weight)



EMOM 10min

5 Back Squat

Add 10-15lbs


EMOM 10min

3 Back Squat

Add 5-10lbs

Rx+ add 20lb

Metcon (Weight)



EMOM 10min

5 Back Squat @ 60% of your highest load of 5 reps


3 Back Squat @ 50% of your highest load of 5 reps

Rx+@ 70%

Workout Brief

Back Squat day today. A lot of volume. The first 10min gradually increases in load each minute and then back off a little in the second 10min, so the 20min isn’t as aggressive as it seems. However, it is still a lot of Squatting, and it will make people pretty sore the next day, so make sure you finish today with a good cool down.

Make technique a priority today. Especially since you’ll be lifting a lot at mostly moderate loads. A perfect day to focus on weak points in your Squat.

Rxd: The goal is to the start the first 10min EMOM at a relatively light load. Calculate out the 10min to see where you will be heading if you added between 10-20lbs each minute. If you end up somewhere you know you can’t lift for 5, then either add in smaller increments or start lighter. The last 3-4min should be pretty challenging, but you should still be able to add a little weight each time.

Use the rest time to recover and figure out their load they will use for the second 10min EMOM. Take the last set of 5 you just did and use somewhere between 60-70% of it roughly. The load should be light for one set of 7 fresh. After 10 sets of 7, it will feel heavy. Modify the reps to 5 per round if needed, or use a lighter load for all 10min.

Each set of 5 and 7 shouldn’t take longer than 30sec, which means for every minute they should be resting at least 30sec. For the first 10min EMOM, this time will be taken up with changing out the weights.

Fitness: We have reduced the reps to 3 per minute. This is still going to add up to be a lot of Squatting, but a more manageable amount. Increase each minute if you are able to, but do so in smaller increments. If you get to a point where it is getting a little heavy, and you start to move out of a good position, stay at that weight for the remainder of the 10min. Use the 50% as a guideline and go by how you are feeling and looking for the second EMOM.

Warm Down

Frog Stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=719TK9Wb0iA

Quad Pose Stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W8sFB8BoxQ

Hip Flexor Stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XDaflfYM6k

1-2min of Each

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