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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


5 Rounds

Max set Bench Press at 60-70% 1RM

Rest 1min

Max set Weighted Hip Extensions

Rest 2min


5 Rounds

10 Bench Press

Rest 1min

15 Banded Good Mornings

Rest 2min
Total Reps. Add all Bench Press reps and Hip Extension reps for each round together to get one score.


(10-15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #9

PVC Pass Through: 5 each position (take 3 steps of bringing hands closer together)

Double KB Overhead Hold: 30sec at light weight (Use DB’s if you don’t have enough KB’s)

2 arm Farmers Carry: 60m at light weight

5 T-Push Up (Pushup + Twist Body into a T position)

4 Rounds

Workout Brief

The Max sets are for reps. Perform a Max set of Bench Press — as many reps as you can do without putting the bar down, then, rest for 1min and perform a Max set of Weighted Hip Extensions — as many reps as you can do without pausing at the bottom for longer than 3sec.

For most people, a 45lb plate will be enough of a challenge. These will be performed much slower than a regular Hip Extension, but the mindset is still the same, speed and power out the bottom. The load will just slow them down a little.

The goal for everyone is to use the same loading across all 5 rounds and aim to hit very similar numbers across the rounds. If they start dropping off over more than 5 reps from their first set, take the weight down. If they start getting more than 5 reps than their first set, add some more weight!

Rxd: Most people won’t know there 1RM Bench Press. That is ok. Use the Warmup to work up to a load that feels heavy for 6+ reps but you think you can get over 10 reps with.

For the Weighted Hip Extensions, 10 reps is also the goal. Make sure you are still performing the movement well especially if using load. Some people might need as little as 10lbs to make the movement more difficult.

Fitness: We have set a rep scheme for you. This will be a good dose for most. Use a load for the Bench Press that is challenging for 10 reps. Really challenge yourself! Spot eachother so if you don’t feel like you can get 10 each round, that is fine, at least you tried; better to do this than not get any stimulus from the workout.

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