Heavy Dumbell

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Metcon (Time)



DB Squat Clean (55/35lbs)

Ring Dip



DB Power Clean

Box Dip
*coaches use plan from 3/13

Workout Brief

Rxd: The total load is roughly the same as barbell Elizabeth but that doesn’t account for the change in stimulus due to the dumbbells. So, comparing times against regular Elizabeth may not mean much. If anything, it will take a little longer. This wod is intended to be heavy and intense.

Most people will need to break up all rounds of the Squat Cleans. Come up with a rep scheme in their head and try to stick with it. See how the dumbbells feel in the warmup to come up with this number. It will be different for everyone.

Make sure you scale appropriately. We want you to find everything challenging, but we don’t want failed reps or long breaks between moving.

Scale the Dips to a really light band first. We don’t like thick bands as they change the stimulus of the movement a lot. Secondly, scale to a really hard Box Dip. These can be challenging, find a position that will be hard.

Fitness: Since we have taken the Squat out of the movement, challenge with the weight. Go a little heavier than you are comfortable.

Don’t over scale this workout; if you do you will completely miss the stimulus and not get a good workout in. Newer people have no real context for scaling something like this, your coach will help you find the right fit.

Warm Down

Pec/Hip Stretch x 6 times each side

* Hold 15sec each side, then switch.


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