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Back Squat (5)

Back Squat (3)

Back Squat (1)

Workout Brief

Today is all about the Back Squat. Think of it as a day to try to max out for 5-3-1 reps, similarly to the Power Snatch day last week. This means we are dedicating all of the Warmup and Prep portions of the session to preparing the body for the Back Squat. We have allocated 20min for them to warmup to their first heavy set of 5. This may seem like a long time, but for many athletes, it may not be enough. If you more that’s fine.

Fitness: We have left the rep scheme the same for these Athletes today. We thought it would be a good opportunity for them to see where they are at with their journey on Back Squat strength. If there are some newbies who you don’t feel are ready to tackle max loads, switch up the reps to 5-5-5, or work as many sets of 5 as it takes to feel comfortable or reach a moderately heavy load.

Do a quick review on how to spot, or how to dump depending on the skill/confidence level you have.

We have allocated 5-10min for the Extra Credit.


Extra Credit

Prep for and Perform Optional Finisher:

In partners, perform 4 x Tabata sets (20sec on/10sec off) of Leg Throws each.

* Partner 1 does all 4 rounds, then Partner 2 does all 4 rounds.

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