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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


20 Double Unders

8 Deadlift (115/75lbs)

4 Hang Power Clean

AMRAP 8min


40 Single Unders

8 Deadlift

4 Hang Power Clean

AMRAP 8min
Rx Plus = 135/95

Workout Brief

A short AMRAP today. Monostructural combined with light lifting with low reps calls for some high intensity! Because today is a short workout, we will spend some time in the prep piece working up to a moderately heavy load with the Deadlift/Hang Power Clean complex, while working on some holds in that position. The WOD might be on the shorter end, but you’ll be doing a lot of work today. Getting some static work done with a moderate load is also a good opportunity to build some strength through those movements and positions.

Rxd: Nice and simple instructions today. Go hard for the full 8min. Each round should be done unbroken and fast — double unders and deadlift/hang power clean. Top performers should aim for over 14 rounds, which is nearly 2 per minute. Some athletes may hold that for a few minutes and then start to slow down towards the last few minutes, and others may be able to hold it over the 8min.

For those who struggle with stringing Double Unders together, either count attempts or substitute for singles. The aim is to keep Double Under sets short and under 15sec, so if it takes over 30sec to do 20 Double Unders, think about scaling.

Scale the load as needed. You should be able to always perform the rounds unbroken, for both the Deadlifts and the Hang Power Cleans, and move fast with the load.

Fitness: The single unders should be done as quickly as possible. The empty bar might be a good load for the weightlifting movements. Aim for at least 10 rounds.

Warm Down

Spend a few minutes on each side working the Pigeon Stretch + Lacrosse Ball.

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