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Front Squat (5-5-3-3-1-1)

Fitness: 5-5-5-5-5-5

Workout Brief

We want today to be focused around those Front Squats and making sure you get good recovery between each set. We have included Extra Credit at the end if you want to kick your own butt a little more.

Rxd: The focus is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable today. Heavy Front Squats are such a great challenge for people to maintain good posture and positions, and if they can’t, they will usually miss the lift. There is nowhere to hide with this lift.

Use the Warmup to get to a heavy starting weight. Then each set after this needs to be kind of scary for Rx’d people. Of course this only applies to seasoned lifters who are confident wit heavy loads. For those who are not really sure how to push through a heavy load – we want you to fight for good form and positions and go as heavy as you can safely go.

Rather than trying to hit a 1 rep Max PR at the end, we want you to focus on increasing your overall volume for the day, which means you need to start heavy and hold that across the sets. Rather than starting light and hitting a Heavy 1 rep at the end. You might have gotten a PR, but they missed the opportunity to get some more volume under your belt. If you do both, great!

Fitness: Use sets of 5 across the whole Workout. Similar to the above focus for newer athletes, make the focus about moving well under a challenging load.

Extra Credit

30sec on/30sec off Front Squat x 5 Rounds performed at 50% of their 5 rep set.

* Use this percentage as a rough guideline. They should be able to keep moving with the weight throughout each 30sec effort.

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