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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Step Ups (4-4-4)

Rx’d = Barbell and 20″ box

Scale with DB’s and lower box

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Rx Open Prep

Pick a Skill —

Toes to Bar

Muscle Up

Chest to Bar Pullup

Perform 5-10 Reps EMOM


Fitness Open Prep

Pick a Skill —


Handstand Hold (45sec)

Toes to Bar

Perform 5-10 Reps EMOM


Workout Brief

Barbell Step Ups are back again this month! If this movement is new to you, use Dumbbells instead of Barbells and use a lower Box. You should be able to maintain a neutral spine, with strong glutes and legs being the driving force onto the box. Any twisting or moving around the spine is not ideal, and if this occurs, either remove load, or decrease the box height.

We have left some time at the end for people to practise their ‘goats’ or weaknesses. Choose something from the list and then we’ll have you perform x amount of reps every minute for 5min. The point is to overload yourself with that one particular movement; make sure you pick enough reps for each minute so that it will be super challenging for you to get through the 5min. We don’t want you to fail, but we want you to come close.

Rxd: Part 1 — Take the Bar out of the rack (in a back rack) facing outwards/towards the box so you don’t have to do any weird twisting with the load on your back. The reps are performed alternating, and it is 4 reps per side, so 8 total each set.

For everyone, use a 20 inch Box. Scale this as needed.

Ideally, perform the same load across all four sets. Aim for that to be as heavy as you can handle given the movement.

Fitness: We have kept the Step Ups as the same movement. We want you moving through these with load if possible. We have prescribed Dumbbells as they are a little easier to dump in an emergency, but if you are ok with using Barbells, then that is fine too. If you use Dumbbells, hold them at your sides

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