Fitness Test #9

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Pain Optional (AMRAP – Reps)


EMOM 12min

3 Front Squat (185/125lbs)

AMRAP Ring Dip for the remaining minute


EMOM 12min

5 Front Squat (95/65lbs)

AMRAP 20-inch Box Pushup for the remaining minute

Workout Brief

We saved the best for last. ? This is one of the ‘tougher’ Benchmark Workouts. It is designed to test an athlete’s ability to lift a heavy load for multiple reps followed by performing multiple reps of a highly skilled gymnastics movement. The scaled versions all have a similar focus.

The front squat needs to be taken from the ground. You may not squat clean the first one.

Fitness: The load and/or ring dips may still be quite challenging for some athletes to achieve. If they need to modify it further somehow because they are between scalings, that is fine; this benchmark would just not be used in their overall chart.

Another option, if you are in between scalings, is to go to the scaling below and get a really kick-ass score, so that next time you can either have something to repeat, or you can go up a scale.

The ring dips are done without bands, ideally.

For the box pushups, use a 20″ box for people to place their hands on. This provides a good standard across the board, so we know everyone is performing the same scale. If you need to go higher, that is totally fine, make sure they make a record of what scaling they did so they can either repeat it next time or go up in their modification.

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