Fitness Test 8

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Rx: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (max without coming off bar)

Fit: Pull-ups (max without coming off bar)

Jerk Snatcher (Time)

20 Clean and Jerk

20 Snatch 95/65lbs

Workout Brief

We probably don’t need to preach to you why we use the pullup as a fitness marker, but… It is one of the most commonly used gymnastics movements in CrossFit because of it’s huge ability to build pulling strength and power, making it a great single modality test tool to use when collecting data.

‘The Jerk Snatcher’ is awesome for those who love to have their hands on a barbell! Cycling a barbell at a moderate load for a short duration is a simple test in stamina, strength, speed and coordination, just to name a few. We think this workout alone is a brilliant test of general fitness, and we hope you see improvements from last time (if your athletes are repeating!)


Beyond Rxd: Pullup — To get the maximum test score, they need to get over 30/20 chest to bar pullups.

Rxd: Pullup — You don’t need to perform both the tests. If you know for sure you have the required amount of kipping pullups, aim for the chest to bar pullup score. If you don’t know, then try to get both. It’s really up to how you want to do it.

Fitness: Pullup — Some people might not even be able to achieve the first level in this category. Try a version of it anyway so they have a score for next time.

‘Jerk Snatcher’ — Everyone: Top Performers should be able to get at least the first 10+ reps unbroken, if not more; choose a level where you can achieve this. A smooth, consistent pace will be the best way to attack this for most people. Pick a rep scheme that will be mildly uncomfortable with maintaining. Some of the top athletes will be able to go quicker and maintain bigger sets than most.

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