Fitness Test 7

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Chewbacca (Time)



1km Row

50 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

40 Box Jumps (24/20-inch)

30 Ring Pushups

40 KB Swing (24/16kgs)

50 MB Clean

1km Row



500m Row

40 Wall Ball (14/10)

30 45lb Plate Jumps

20 20-inch Box Pushups

30 KB Swing (16/12kgs)

40 MB Clean (14/10lbs)

500m Run

Rx + is 50 reps of everything

Workout Brief

This is the longest of the Benchmark workouts; for most people, over 20min. It is a great mix of Cardiovascular Endurance and Muscular Stamina (amongst other things!).

Nothing should be so hard that you can’t keep moving at a good pace. Be consistent on the first row, find a good pace and try to hold it. Go all out on the last row! For the remainder of the workout, short rests, then go again. This applies to all categories/levels of the workout. The limiting movement for Beyond Rxd and Rxd will most likely be the ring pushup. Otherwise, everything else just requires a lot of breathing and mental grind to get through!

Fitness: We subbed the last row for a run for these guys. It’s not a typo. It opens up a few more rowers for other people to use. It also allows them to monitor their fatigue a little more and challenges most people to run when they probably don’t want to. If, for whatever reason, you absolutely have to row, make sure you make a note of it so you can repeat it next time.

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