Fitness Test #4

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

5k Row (Time)

Max Effort 5k Row
Fitness option – 2k Row

Workout Brief

Please don’t skip this workout. It is an important measure! People usually surprise themselves with the pace they end up holding across the 5km. It’s not quite as painful as a 2km but still just as mentally challenging. The rower can be such a butt kicker no matter the distance. It doesn’t help that the monitor is staring right at you every stroke of the way, reminding you how slow/fast you are going!

We’ll need to go in heats. For this reason, we have included some gymnastics skill work for them to work on while others row.

Don’t wimp out! See you in class.


(Group 2) Performs Gymnastics Skills (complete anyhow in any order)

10 Inverted burpees

– Scale to 5 Candlesticks ——> roll to getup

100ft Handstand Walking

– Scale to 40 Cherry Pickers ——> 10 Round the World on a Box (5 one way, 5 the other way)

5 + Practise Headstand Holds (first movement in video)

– Use abmats under the head.

– Start with bent knees/legs in a crouch support and work them up to a straight headstand. Scale UP to a Headstand to Pushup.

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