Fiesta Bowl

CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)



Power Snatch (155/105lbs)

5-4-3-2-1 (each arm)

One Arm DB Push Press (55/35lbs)



Power Snatch

5-4-3-2-1 (each arm)

One Arm DB Push Press

DB Press

Supinated Grip Pullups

One Arm OH Carry

Workout Brief

Today is the first day of Bullet Proof Shoulder testing. We will incorporate the tests into the Warmup, which will also act as great prep for the Workout! Here is part 1 of the screen:

* This is one of those workouts that if people go too light, they will completely miss the intended stimulus. So, for those going lighter for whatever reason you might want to double the reps to get more out of the workout.

The Power Snatches are taken from the ground and must be performed as ‘Power’.

The One Arm DB Push Press are done by performing the amount of given reps in one hand first, then switch to the other hand. So, it would be 5 reps on the right arm, then 5 on the left arm. You can start on whichever arm you choose. We suggest starting with the weaker side while you are more fresh.

Rxd: The loading for everyone should be hard but manageable for those reps. Majority of athletes will probably do the Power Snatches in sets of 1, drop, 1 drop…. A few will be able to do them all in a row, in which case.

For those who are able to perform the Power Snatch Rxd, The DB Push Press will feel moderately heavy. You should be able to get through these unbroken and pretty quickly. Their purpose in this workout is to fatigue the shoulders just enough to make the Power Snatches harder.

Fitness: Since the reps are low for this Workout, challenge yourself to work a little heavier than usual. As long as you are moving ok. You can modify the movement to a Hang Power Snatch if you are having some trouble taking it from the ground.

Same with the Push Press, go heavier than usual. Make sure you are able to get it to their shoulders safely!

Extra Credit

Death By Assault Bike

EMOM complete 3 more calories until you cannot complete in one minute. Rest remainder of the minute.

Min 1: 3

Min 2: 6

Min 3: 9

Min 4: 12

Min 5: 15


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