Festivus Games

Crossfit Hakkapeliitta will be hosting the Festivus Games on September 14, 2019! If you are not familiar with the Festivus Games, just think back to Seinfeld and remember that Festivus is for the rest of us. This competition is meant for novice and intermediate Crossfit athletes, and masters athletes 45 years and older. Yes it is a competition, but as their website states: “the concept was simple yet long overdue. Since novice and intermediates make up 95% of athletes it made sense to have a competition designed only for them. No fire-breather types allowed!”

The September event will be a partner competition, with same sex teams (M-M, F-F). There is also a masters division for athletes with a combined age of over 90. If you are interested in competing and are looking for a first event to get your feet wet, this is your shot. You will have the opportunity to test your fitness against athletes from the area and see where you stand relative to other gyms. If you are interested in competing but are not sure what division you should register under, check out this page (https://festivusgames.com/divisions-qualifications/) for their recommendations. This page also has several explanations for what makes an individual over-qualified, so please check this out before signing up!

The workouts have already been posted (https://festivusgames.com/wods/) so you can see what events you and your partner would have to complete. There are four guaranteed workouts with no finals, so the best three teams after the four events will podium. Those of you that do sign up to compete will want to make sure that you know and understand how each workout will flow, and that you are familiar with all of the movements (e.g. the Devil Press) and their standards. If you do not understand something, please let a coach know and we will help you out!

If you have no desire to compete, but want to watch and cheer on your fellow athletes, we will need volunteers and judges to help run the event. Even if you can only help for part of the day, your assistance is greatly appreciated. As the day draws closer we will have a signup sheet at the gym to assign responsibilities and shifts.

You do not have to be a member of CrossFit Hakkapeliitta to participate in Festivus! This event is open to the public. Feel free to partner up with folks from other gyms, or just people from the community that would like to participate in a fitness competition.

More information can be found on their website (https://festivusgames.com/) and the link for registering at Hakkapeliitta is https://festivusgames.com/info/57086/. If you sign up before August 4th, you also qualify for a free t-shirt. The last day to register is September 7, 2019.