Frequently Asked Questions

What will my first time in your gym be like?

Your first time at CrossFit Hakkapeliitta will depend on your level of experience. If you’re brand new we might introduce you to CrossFit through one of our “What is CrossFit?” sessions. If you’re an experienced athlete, we can get you right into the daily WODs and give you the challenge you’re looking for. And no matter your level of experience, you’ll be surrounded by talented and friendly coaches and like-minded members that will leave you looking forward to your next visit.

I’m not in very good shape… can I do this?

The very first thing you will discover is that we do not discriminate. Whether you are young at heart, or have just completed your 50th marathon, or are recovering from injury or healing a broken heart, whether walking the dog is the only exercise you’ve had in years, or you’re someone training for the Iditarod…We will help you achieve your fitness goals.

One of the things that makes us so unique is our community of people from literally every walk of life: stay-at-home parents, elite athletes, students, CEOs, members of the armed services, firefighters, you name it. Our bodies come in every imaginable size, shape and age; and yet, our workouts every day are designed for anyone to do them.

Yes, anyone.

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

If you’re just starting up, we recommend coming at least three days per week. Once you get used to the workouts, you can increase to four or five days per week. Once the addiction sets in, you may even add in some active recovery days on top of those!

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

We know you may have a lot of choices on where to work out. Many of those options may be less expensive. But…we believe we provide the best value and can get you the results you’re looking for if you’re willing to put in the time. What is it that you are looking for in a gym? Personalized attention? Trained, professional coaches? Accountability? Working out with a group of like-minded people who cheer on your success? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, then we’d encourage you to check us out.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.