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Metcon (Time)


5 Rounds

9 Back Squat @ 60% 1RM

5 Pullup

3 Chest to Bar Pullup

1 Bar Muscle Up


5 Rounds

9 Back Squat

5 Jumping Pullup

3 Box Muscle Up
RX+ 70%

Workout Brief

This is the second Pullup Complex we have programmed in the last few months. In December we had the Weighted Pullup, Strict Pullup and Kipping Pullup version. This one is a little different, it is incorporated with some moderately heavy Squatting and it is for time. The Pullup Complex is intended to be done unbroken. You don’t need to perform the Complex unbroken, but if you don’t, you cannot record it as Rxd. If you fail the set, you need to re-do it for that round to count.

Take the bar from the rack. You may need to partner up. Make sure you are proficient with bailing before you begin because you won’t have a spotter. Coaches will review this. The focus of the warm up is working on squat and pull-up movement technique.

Rxd: For both categories, used the percentage as a rough guideline. The weight should be moderately heavy. Meaning, you can perform all 9 reps unbroken but by the last few reps, it should start to feel heavy. Scale the load as needed.

First, scale the reps to be broken, then scale to 4 Pullups/2 Chest to Bar/1 Muscle Up. If that is still too much, omit the Muscle Up. To scale the Muscle Up, perform Jumping Muscle Ups.

For those athletes who don’t have Pullups, perform 7 Jumping Pullups + 5 Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups + 3 Jumping Muscle Ups.

The Workout will take top athletes around 10min or under. Up to 15min for the majority to finish.

Fitness: Find a weight that you can perform 9 reps unbroken with, but will also struggle a little on the last few reps. Make sure you are technically sound before you use these loads. Ask a coach for help. The Jumping Pullup + Box Muscle up should be a great modification to the Pullup Complex. Add Chest to Bar Jumping Pullups (as mentioned above in Rxd) to add another stimulus layer as needed.

Extra Credit

Spend 1min in each Splits Stretch position.

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