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CrossFit Hakkapeliitta – CrossFit

Front Rack Walk (work up to heaviest)

Wall to Wall (one length of gym) from wall rig to rowers.

Today we’ll do 2 lengths or there and back. You’ll end where you started.

Set a cone even with the big support beam. That is your turn around.
Rx’d use barbell

Fitness use dumbells

Metcon (Time)


3 Rounds

25m Front Rack Walk at 60%

25 Pullups

Rest 2min


3 Rounds

25m DB Front Rack Walk

20 Ring Rows

Rest 2min

Workout Brief

It’s Friday the 13th!!! Be safe out there. ?

This one will be a little tricky logistically to set up. We’ll go from the wall rig to the other side of the gym by the rowers and back (2 lengths). Turn around even with the big support beam. Be careful not to hit people and things with the end of the barbell.

For Part 2, we will create a loop around the main rig which will eliminate people crashing into each other. Take the barbell from the ground for this part. The built in rest will allow people to be This is an awkward movement. We like it because it allows people to get under a load that they may not be able to Squat, Clean or Jerk with and spend some time moving with it. This is the goal. You will find that some people can’t do this because they haven’t done it before and the stability that is required through to walk with the weight might be really hard for them. An interesting test for your athletes.

For Part 2, take roughly 60-70% of your final load of the Walk and use this. It should feel significantly lighter and you should be able to clean it up no problem. If you can’t Clean it, then go lighter. Scale the Pullups to a version that you can get at least 5-8 reps unbroken with. Today, you can use bands if needed. 🙂

Ideally, each round should take no longer than 2-3min, not including the Rest.

Fitness: Use a challenging set of Dumbbells. Rather than maxing out in Part 1, you can perform 5 rounds at a heavy weight. Or, change it to 10 to try get a similar stimulus out of it.

For Part 2, use the same weight as Part 1 if you like. You should be able to Clean it. The Ring Rows should be hard enough that you will need to break them into 2 sets each round working while others are resting.

Extra Credit

Spend 1min in Weighted Wall Facing Stretch x 2 rounds per person. (the kid is so cute)

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